Friday, September 23, 2016

weekend wishes

{beautiful leis from our trip to hawaii. 2013}

in european countries they greet each other with kisses on the cheek.
on the beautiful islands of hawaii they show their affection by placing a lovely lei around your neck. 
in america...we hug {if we feel comfortable enough}, we wave, we shake hands. but. we need more. 
we need more affection and more kindness. 

i was talking to a friend recently who had an ugly encounter with a friend {or, who she thought was a friend}. a few other things had happened in her life that left her feeling as though there are so many mean people in the world. and, she is right. there are some awful people in this world but, there is lots of goodness too. we talked about the importance of a smile...even to a complete stranger.  i'm big on this. my kids think i'm crazy because i have been known to smile, wave, or even talk to a complete stranger. i compliment them, ask how their day is going, or just simply say hi. occasionally, they ignore me, but, more often then not...they smile and engage with me. you never know...that person my have really needed to hear some kind words or receive a warm smile. it could make all the difference in the world to the one who receives and does not take anything from the one who gives. it's not difficult to be kind.

so, although my weekend will be filled with homecoming events {food, pictures, waiting up} and i REALLY need to get some sewing done...i hope to fill the world with a little more kindness. if we all smile at a stranger...the world will be a better place. 

here's a weekend full of kind and affectionate wishes.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Meeting A Legend

last weekend, randi and i had the privilege of seeing gloria steinam speak at the orpheum theatre. {my favorite venue in the valley}! changing hands {my favorite book store} brought her here...because they are awesome like that.

she spoke at asu years ago and i was unable to attend so, when we found out she was coming we jumped at the opportunity! thank goodness we bought the book and received the tickets well in advance because it was a sold out event!

she was fabulous. even better than i imagined. she said so many great things...i wish i had been taking notes.  here are a few things she said and/or discussed that really made an impact on me:

several times she brought up the importance of community and working together. she is very grateful for technology, the internet, etc. however, she feels real communication and production is done in face to face contact. she said, "we've been sitting around camp fires solving problems for thousands of years". she encouraged us to introduce ourselves to people that night because you never know what will come of it..."a new friend, a job, a love affair, who knows"!  she is so right! when you can actually see there person's eyes, hear their voice, see their makes all the difference.

she talked about feminism, equality for all, black lives matter and her statement about bernie and the young female voter. {she basically said her full statement was not given in the quote and explained that the young, female voter may feel that a vote for bernie would be better because he would have more pull with the men, "boys". randi did not like her explanation. at all}.

she asked what the difference was between arts and crafts. {the commentator/interviewer was a dean of arts at asu. she also did the interview when we saw pussy riot}.  gloria said art is what the european men did and we are supposed to praise it and crafts is what native americans and women do...aren't they all the same?

but, the best thing she said all night is...
"we need to reverse the golden rule. you know the one...probably written by some man a long time ago? do unto others as you would have them do unto you. well, reverse it. we we need to treat ourselves as well as we treat others".
how awesome is that??? pure poetry.

she is 82 years young and was sharp, eloquent, powerful...fabulous.
so glad i was able to experience her presence with my daughter.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hanging with the Big Boys

cade didn't want a birthday party this year. instead, he wanted to take a couple of friends to the dodger vs dback game. no big deal, right?! thank goodness we know the right people!

when we first arrived on the field, i heard the boys yelling, "no way! they're here!"
famous youtubers - dodger films - were on the field too. the boys were so excited. they spent a lot of time talking to them. the guys even invited the boys to play with them the next morning in their softball game. however, three out of the four boys had a hitathon the next morning!!
{they could not stop talking about it}.

mr. c is friends with some of the coaches and one of them took care of us...8 field passes and 8 great tickets.

these girls were pretty entertaining {as usual}. sarah asked every player she could for a picture.
{pictured - joc peterson is cade's favorite player}!

happy boys. very happy boys.

pretty happy parents too. :)

cute girls. sarah got a picture with puig too. she didn't realize what a big deal he is until they googled him and saw how much he makes!! they were posting pictures and tagging their fav players in them. {randi - jake lamb. sarah - yasiel puig}.

probably the biggest highlight of the night came during the middle of the game when a friend of cade's sent him a message saying he was on the dodger official instagram account!!! the boys were bedside themselves with excitement.
it gets even better...
the next morning, cade learned that the same picture was posted on joc pederson's official account.
holy cow. does life get any better?!

it was a great night filled with lots of happiness. it was a late night...which made for a long day after...{especially after the hitathon}...but, so worth it!

Friday, September 16, 2016

weekend wishes

{a delighted randi in paris. spring 2012}.

thank goodness it's friday.
it's been a busy week. good. but, busy.
one of the things that made it busy is the fact that i had too many things scheduled.
things that had been booked eight months ago. things that when booked i thought, "oh, that will be fun" or "that will fit in perfectly. i have nothing else going on". 
things change. moods change. wants change. 

i think i'm a planner. i like to have things organized and know what i need to do for the day.
as i have gotten older {and, hopefully a bit wiser}, i have learned that i can't be disappointed or stressed when plans do not go as scheduled. 
my family's needs change on a daily basis. someone needs a ride here or there. homework is more than we expected, therefore taking extra time. practice ran late. meetings ran late. the nightly menu item {on my weekly menu} doesn't sound as good as america's tacos. or, i simply don't want to do whatever it was that i scheduled a year ago!

this week i had a dentist appointment that was scheduled six months ago. it wasn't a huge dent in the week but, a dent nonetheless.  i also had paid, booked, and planned on attending a blogging conference. i had been looking forward to it until it got closer. the event was an hour's drive from home {with no traffic}. i had booked a hotel and had planned on staying one night in the area so, i could participate in all the festivities. but, reality set in and i canceled the hotel about 6 weeks ago. then, i had a meeting come up on the first day of the conference and decided i would just attend the second day. then, after looking at the schedule for the second day and what time i would need to leave the conference in order to get home to pick up kids and get to a baseball game with my family...i decided to bail on the whole thing. {plus, mr. c wanted to go the intense cycle class with me again}. would i have had fun? probably. do i regret missing it? not really. my plate is full. more than full.

my dear daughter, however, is a planner to a fault. my mom and i took her to paris a few years ago and she had the entire trip planned perfectly. she had researched everything and knew exactly what she wanted. it was great...until my mom and i just wanted to sit at the outdoor cafes, sip rosé and people watch. she was not down with that.  but, she got over it. just as i will get over missing events, etc. that are planned in advance but, something more important {or better} comes along. 

so. for this weekend {even though we have a few things planned}, i hope to wing it. go with whatever strikes my mood. just roll with it. {enough puns}?

here's to a weekend full of "fly by the seat of your pants" wishes!

Friday, September 9, 2016

weekend wishes

it's friday.
fabulous friday!!
i want to dance!

the weekend has been off to a great start. 
last night, i attended a stella & dot rally with my friend, audrey. it was so much fun and motivating. i love being a part of this company!!!

this morning, mr. c decided to hang out and go to my favorite spin class with me. it's 75 minutes of intensity. all of the music videos from the play list are played on a big screen. and. i love it.
we were soaked after the class. soaked. it was extra humid. all of the mirrors were covered in fog. 
it felt great.

my chocolate fudge pop tarts turned out fabulously.

and, today...i did something new. i did a video on facebook live. it's a big deal for me to even be on facebook, let alone facebook live!!  {i'm a newbie to this social media giant}. but, it was fun. i was a bit of a hot mess...but, fun nonetheless.

so, since it is a weekend full of dance party wishes...
i leave you with these videos!!

oh! cute justin!!

tom hanks is the best.

a fabulous anthem.

happy weekend! may you dance the days away!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

release the endorphins

i love to work out. i mean, i REALLY love it. i crave it. i hate missing a day.
i feel stronger, healthier...amazing after a good sweat.

the more people i talk to, the more i realize i am in the minority. even people i thought liked exercising, have confessed that they really don't like it. at all.

my daughter is one of those people. she hates it and always has. however, she wants to do it. she knows she needs to do it. so, last night she agreed to go to the gym with me and do 45 minutes of cardio. i told her i would be right by her, we could go off to the corner and binge watch while we worked up a sweat. on the way home she said she felt good and really wished she liked it. she said she really liked the last two minutes but, the 43 minutes before that were hell!!

this morning {while knocking out a grueling 90 minute workout}, i had a quick chat with a trainer/friend. he was wondering what i was doing there the evening before {i'm a morning exerciser}. i told him i was with my daughter...she hates, i love it...but, i have a theory. the more you do it - the better you will feel so, you will WANT to do it. he looked at me and said, "yeah but, does it always feels good?" ummm....yes. there are few things better than a good sweat. it's a cleansing. and the could you not be happy and feel good with those endorphins being released throughout your body?

i think the trick is finding the right workout. something that will make you happy.
shifting the attitude. if you go into it thinking you will hate - you will not be able to enjoy it.

getting the heart pumping, making the lungs work, and dripping with sweat is a good thing.
release the endorphins! you will feel better when you do.

Friday, September 2, 2016

weekend wishes

{sabino canyon, tucson}

happy weekend!
happy labor day weekend!
happy fall! {kind of}.

we are quickly approaching one of my favorite times of year...autumn!!
it gets a little challenging enjoying fall in sunny arizona.
pretty soon the mornings and evenings will be cooler and walks, hikes, runs will be much more enjoyable. 
although it is a bit sweltering for us to wear the cute fall fashions, the feeling of fall is in the air! 
football is starting {my devils play this weekend!}, fall decor is starting to sprout up here and there, and when fall really hits...the golden leaves of the aspen and the brilliant red of the oak trees are a short drive away.  heaven.

but, we are not there yet and this weekend will be sizzling {around 103 and muggy}. so, my plans are working on some sewing projects indoors, baking, early morning hikes, and a bbq with friends {where a pool will be involved}.

i hope to have time to make my pretzel croissants and i would like to give these 
homemade pop tarts a try. {cade is on a pop tart kick and i can't stand the thought of him eating store bought ones}.

i love decorating for fall and this cute garland may be just what i need.

and...although it is still so hot here...i love fall clothes. boots, sweaters, scarves...happiness!!!
i think i need these booties.

here's to a lovely, long weekend! may it be filled with wishes of fall!